Playing it Safe
Most of us enjoy that thrill of going on a date, when you don't know whether you'd end up at your place, hers or with a kiss goodnight… But sometimes, you just want to know that you'd end up in bed together. With our VIP escort services, you can go out, have fun and be carefree - because sex is on the menu, or whatever tickles your fancy… Or, you can simply get down to business. You won't hear "no", "I'm not in the mood" or "I have and early day tomorrow" from our escorts… if it's written in her profile - she'll do it. She's there to fulfill YOUR fantasy. No need for games, no "I went down on you, now it's your turn". You say where, when and how. Everything you've ever wanted in sex and were too embarrassed to ask or just got a "no"… now is the time. Time for new experiences, with new and experienced women. We all deserve a treat now and then, and our girls will treat you right…
Our escorts are just like any other girl. They like to party and enjoy the company of men. Only difference is, they're not expecting gifts or kind words… they won't go out with a guy just to get an ego boost, and they don't require courting or affection, They want to party and have fun, and if there's money involved - it's a nice perk.
We select girls who enjoy company, like to party and have a strong sexual drive… so for them, it's a labor of love. Many of our girls are "Tzabars" and not "imported", and work to pay off their tuition, save money for a trip abroad, etc… This way everyone is happy… and satisfied.
Our girls routinely undergo strict medical examinations, and sex is always performed using protection, which the girls themselves provide. For obvious reasons, the escorts' health is crucial to us, to them and to the clients, and we expect all parties to respect it.
Sex is a part of human nature. A human need. We don't create the demand - we supply. Our girls want to give you the best sex you've had, because it's also in their interest. They want to enjoy their time with you, and above all that you enjoy and remember them… because our VIP services are built upon loyal clients.

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